Weeks – Simple Habit Tracker

Manage your habits so you can improve your health and productivity. Weeks features Create a habit – Create a habit that matters to you, at an icon and a weekly goal you would like to achieve Check off your habits – As the week progresses, check off the habits you’ve completed Weekly progress – See […]

Prezence – Digital Mindfulness

Craft your wellbeing toolkit. Work directly with a Prezence guide during the first two weeks of using Prezence to align your wellbeing goals to your routine. Prezence is your key to more time spent in the present moment. Select a focus area, designed to help you create the life you deserve. Start and end each […]


A comprehensive guide to your new, personalized healthy lifestyle The most advanced WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM backed by evidence-based nutrition science Customized menu recommendations based on your goal selection Delicious, healthy and satisfying RECIPES for Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch and Dinner Recipe Shopping Lists and Cooking Instructions Weekly Weight, Fat, Calorie, Cholesterol, Protein, Glucose and Lactose tracker […]

Shmooz App

Introducing live, location-based messaging with Shmooz! Wherever you go, you can join or create a chatroom enabling you to communicate with the people around you for your convenience and entertainment. Come Shmooz!

Christmas Wallpapers

HD Wallpapers All Optimized for iOS devices. We have more than 500 different HD wallpapers available for Christmas and adding more and more every day. Home screen with We wish you a merry Christmas theme music. Get Christmas Countdown! on Home screen with Days, Hours, Minutes and seconds remains for Christmas. Make your holidays happy […]


Skinary, is your skin diary! With Skinary you can + Log your habits – like your skincare routine and treatments + Track your healthy and breakout skin days with selfies + 40+ tracking categories to paint a holistic picture of your health in relation to your skin Skinary is a replacement to a professional, but […]


Lumhaa is a simple way to collect memories from your own and loved ones’ lives. It also helps you see memories from all over the world and across time. With Lumhaa, you can: Create memory collections using photos, videos, audio, voice notes, and text Invite others to contribute to memory collections for your family, school, […]


Meet and network with local people. Nextoo allows you to meet and network with people who are in your immediate vicinity. Perfect for social activities, college campuses, networking events, concerts or just neighbourhood friends. Why you’ll love Nextoo: Go into discover mode and see matches for other users who have come within 1000 of you. […]

Fun It

FunIt is a fun social media video-sharing app. Bring together family, friends, and find some new ones too! This app is simple, entertaining, and all about fun and positivity. Users can enjoy FunIt by using its two main features: Dare and Funit. Send a dare to your friend(s) through the app. Dares are simple, silly, […]


Bloqdrop is your digital business card that’s always up to date with your social accounts and contact infor- mation. Your social accounts are tied to a dynamic QR code and URL for convenient sharing. Link any and all of your social accounts to your Bloqdrop account so you can spend less time on your device, […]