There are several new trends in mobile app development in 2023. Some of them are:

Blockchain Technology: Blockchain technology is being used to develop secure mobile apps.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI is being used in many apps lately. It helps to provide personalized experiences to users.

Beacon Technology: Beacon technology is used to send push notifications to users based on their location.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: AR and VR development are the latest trends in mobile app development this year.

IoT and Cloud: IoT and cloud technologies are being used to develop apps that can be accessed from anywhere.

Foldable and Wearable Devices: Foldable devices like Samsung Galaxy Fold and wearable devices like Apple Watch are becoming more popular.

Low-code Development Platforms: Low-code development platforms allow developers to create apps quickly without writing code.

Cross-platform Development: Cross-platform development allows developers to create apps that can run on multiple platforms like Android and iOS.

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