It’s very important for any business to create a Mobile application whether it’s Startup or Big business. We’re having more than 2 billion Mobile users. Even after investing so much in Mobile application and good user base also, publisher not able to get expected result from Mobile apps. The main reason behind this is many of them may not aware with Maintenance of Mobile apps. It’s very important to maintain your Mobile application specifically for iOS where every year you get new iPhone device and new iOS. iOS having almost more that 50% upgrade ratio with few days of launch and 70 – 80 % upgrade ratio in few months of launch. As per current date, we have more than 70 % users for iOS 10 withing 3 months and that is the main reason why Apple launching beta iOS for every version in WWDC for developers in June (before 3 months lunch for public users). So, that they can be ready for upgrade of application for new iOS. 

Once you completed development of application, below steps are required to maintain your application.

1. Crash and Analytics : I’m sure if you have hired good Mobile developer then S/he will definitely suggest you to integrate Crash tool and Analytics. If you’re having more crashes then definitely you will get more negative review on store. So, there should someone who keep eyes on crashes of application either iTunes crashes OR any crash tool which you used. Analytics is very important tool which helps you to identify which features of your apps more used by users. So, rather than wasting your time on all features, you can give priority to important features only.

2. Latest OS compatibility : Every year Apple launches new iOS devices and new iOS. iOS acceptation ratio for Apple is far better. So, it’s compulsory to make your application compatible with new devices and OS. 

3. App Store Updates : Whenever you upload new version of Apple, need to check updated Guidelines of Apple store also to avoid rejection of application.

4. Feedback and reviews of Appstore : Sometimes we launch application with bugs or with some critical issue by mistake. So, we might get chances to get negative feedback or Bad reviews of store. So, there should be someone responsible who constantly keep watch on this kind of situation.Building a helpline, email or other two-way communication functionality between users and the support they may need must be physically built into the app

5. Functional Upgrade with Market : Nowadays, Everyday you have something new in technology. So, one should always keep eyes of technical changes and reflect them into application as per requirement. Suppose, you’re making taxi application then you can provide Siri / Map extension. If you’re making 3rd party keyboard application, then you can provide iMessage extension. As per my experience, even if you’re not adding any new features then also upgrade new version of application with very minor changes. So, you can get idea of retention of users.

6. Expenses of Application : Sometimes you have purchased High server configuration but unfortunately you’re not able to get expected users with 3-6 months of launch. So, you can reduce configuration and save some money. (I know it would be very less than you invested but it might helpful). Sometimes, you may have more users than expected. So, make sure your server configuration matches the goals of your app.

7. API Checking : Nowadays, almost every application depends on API. So, it’s most important thing to check app and the server team to keep eyes of issues. It may crash application also in case of unwanted response from server.