Application will display different Restaurants, Movies theatres, Banks, Shopping Mall, Hospitals, Temples as per your current location in Ahmedabad. You can see details (numbers, web site) for that place and get route to reach there. Add it to favourites for later use. View all in map also. If you are out of Ahmedabad, then it will display Restaurants, Movies theaters, Banks, Shopping Mall, Hospitals, Temples around your location.

Points of Interest:

  • View all famous places of Ahmedabad and get route to reach there


  • Get details of main festival celebrated in Ahmedabad.

Auto Fare:

  • Get fare as per Kilometer or meter
  • Get all auto-card for Ahmedabad Auto meter
  • Get fare for day as well as night


  • Application will allow you to find all lines of BRTS
  • Know fare between bus stand
  • View all stations of line in Map


  • Get all bus bus number details of Ahmedabad
  • Search from station for bus number


  • Get all trains passed to Ahmedabad
  • Search for trains and view train details


  • Get all emergency numbers of Ahmedabad and click on it to call.

My Favourites:

  • Add places to My favourites and use later